It is not widely known that the P&C used to own a summer place in Fox Lake, Illlinois. Apparently it was quite grand–it accommodated up to seventy-five people. When the summer rolled around, the club closed down its studio sessions and members and their families relocated to the country for outdoor sketching, swimming and boating, campfires and sing-alongs.That the summer place was very rough to begin with, one can gather from this announcement in the June 1915 issue of the P&C newsletter:


Grand Opening Season 1915

Under the management of Moses and Cook

On Decoration Day, May the 30th, the doors of our palatial new summer hotel and sanitarium will be kicked open for business.

An entire new building, 8 large windows (real glass) that open and shut on hinges, 3 solid wood doors, also on hinges, front and back steps, fine sliver-proof dancing floor with a complete battery of piano and string music.

Sanitary kitchen, with all high-geared modern improvements, in separate building.

Private poker house 42 feet away from the main building with sound proof walls and trick tables. The domesticated may now sleep while the game goes on.

New “horse-shoe” diamond and modern garage.

Ideal location, on the highest hill in the Fox Lake country; unexcelled view, overlooking seven states and 163 counties.

Wonderful painting facilities.

All the comforts of home, including shade trees and pump; four elegant buildings in all.

No more canned milk; the management has made arrangements with a flock of neighboring cows to call on us every morning, and the management also announces that it has contracted to take the entire output of the largest egg and butter mine in the state for the entire season.

Come up and get fat,–an ideal place for the blind, the lame and the halt. Epizooty, abstractness and the charley horse successfully treated.
OPENING DATE, DECORATION DAY, May 30th. Palette and Chisel Club Special leaves Union Depot at 1:30 sharp.

Get in on the opening trip, and you’ll stick to the finish!!!

The windows had real glass. And the doors were on hinges. And the poker room was soundproofed. The place must have been something to see before all the “high-geared modern improvements.”