As readers of this blog know, the P&C at one time owned a summer place in Fox Lake. It was a substantial house–the club was forced to sell in the Great Depression. We also know that, in its beginning, the Fox Lake outpost was a large tent.

Last night I was going through the minutes of early club meetings looking for something else, and I found this charming note about the purchase of the tent. (Wilson Irvine appears to have been the active force behind the Outing Committee.)

On June 13, 1905, It was reported that:

the Outing Committee had ordered a tent eighteen by thirty feet costing thirty dollars and fifty cents, that a stove could be purchased at two dollars and fifty cents

On application to the General Passenger agent of the C. M. & St. P. RR they were unable to have the round trip rates reduced lower than usual but the agent agreed to transfer the tent, stove, cots, etc. to and from Fox Lake free of charge. The fare round trip would be one dollar and seventeen cents on a twenty ride ticket.

Good meals could be obtained near by at twenty five to thirty cents. They got permission to pitch the tent on private grounds where strangers could not approach. In case of snake bite a saloon was within six minutes walk. The surrounding country was all that could be desired for scenery and variety of composition.