Last we heard of him, R. V. Brown had “eloped by motor” with one Miss Mildred Cleveland Cotton. That was in September 1916. I think I may have found what happened to him beforehand:

That article was from the March 1, 1916, Chicago Tribune. So we learn once again, that all is fair in love.

Including “steel traps, deadfalls, and a narcotic punch.”

This is the same party at which Otto Hake became engaged to the Russian model.

(I take it “Benedick” is a reference to Much Ado About Nothing, in which Benedick appears as a “sarcastic, witty bachelor who swears he will never marry, he later falls in love with Beatrice when he is tricked into believing that she loves him. He is said to be very good in battle and there is hinting at a past relationship with Beatrice, though they do nothing but fight when the story opens.”)