This is the cover page to the P&C’s logbook for 1921, the year the club moved to 1012 N. Dearborn, artwork by Glen Sheffer:

Here is the invocation that was read on the occasion of the move from the Athenaeum Building to the new quarters, author unknown:


Oh Art Almighty let us all kneel at thy shrine and pray for more power and knowledge.

That we may carry thy message from Bulls Peak to Evanston and from the sand dunes to Brown County so that the name of the P&C club shall be heralded to the uttermost corners of the universe. Endow us all with the right kind of spirits – from 6% and up – mostly up – so that we may become great Buckeye Painters greater Cubists Futurists and Spotists.

As we bid farewell tonight and leave this condemned fire trap which has been our home for 25 successful and interesting years driven forth by the rapacity and greed of the profiteering landlords which in this case acted as a boomerang to these legalized robbers of hell. The die awas cast – The hour had come. The impossible has happened – The fond dream of years has at last come true – And may horseshoes and good fortune go with this motley crowd to our new home which will this very night be dedicated to the great cause of the Art and all that goes with it.