Nannine Waller was the other child living at 336 Dearborn in 1880, the two-year-old daughter of James and Nannine Waller. Nannie was something of a society girl, as one might expect of the daughter of a burgher prosperous enough to live at our home in the 1870’s: she’s noted as attending debutante Sallie Schoenberger’s “introduction to society” here in November 1897:

In 1898 the daily newspaper took note of her attendance, along with her brother Trigg Waller, at a “lawn fete and dance” for young people:

Her wedding to Mr. Stewart Patterson in 1902 was also noted in the Tribune. It was followed by a summer in Europe.

And here is a photo of Mrs. Stewart Patterson, nee Nannine Waller, from a 1907 article in the Tribune called “The Tall Girl Problem,” discussing how young women were growing taller and taller.

I’d say she was a striking woman.