Antonin Sterba, self-portrait

Until recently, for me Antonin Sterba was just another name of one of those old members of the P&C. I’d seen the name but had no idea what his paintings were like. When I was in Madrid a couple years ago I bought a book about Sorolla–and found it had a photo of Sorolla in Chicago in 1911. Antonin Sterba was in the group hanging with Sorolla.

The other day then I was pleased to find a website devoted to Sterba. It’s apparently maintained by a relative. It’s beautiful. Check it out.

Here is an etching he did of himself–Man Sketching–it’s in the Smithsonian.

Sterba studied at the Art Institute, later in Paris, and then came back to Chicago where he taught, among others, Haddon Sundblom, Gil Elvgren, Howard Terpning, and Ivan Albright.

Sterba was a member of the P&C from its early days, mentioned in the 1896 Inland Printer article, taking part in the P&C’s 1898 Salon de Refuse,and listed on the 1906 membership roster.

Here’s a life drawing done by Gil Elvgren in Mr. Sterba’s class: